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  • FREE CFB SIDE (Saturday) + All that is SCOTTWINS.COM! (10/18/2014) - FREE plays and blogs will be posted right here – every single day of the week starting Saturday, Oct. 18! First – the advantage of purchasing full access packages at Scottwins. You’ll get every single one of my releases. (*CLICK HEADLINE AT TOP FOR REST OF BLOG & FREE PLAY*) This means any plays posted […]
  • FREE PLAY + RANT OF THE WEEK (10/10/2014) - SATURDAY FREE PLAY FOLLOWS THE RANT OF THE WEEK: It’s a multi-sport rant this week at Smash Mouth Sports! Normally, we reserve this time of season for football rants – and we have a couple. But we can’t forget about MLB playoff action – and we certainly have our share of rants and raves from […]
  • RANT OF THE WEEK (9/30/2014) - My RANT this week is about the horrible defensive choices made by the Denver Broncos in overtime last Sunday in their 26-20 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. I had released Denver (+5) to my paying clients, and had placed a large bet personally on the game here in Las Vegas. It was a WINNER if […]

Meet Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer grew up in a horse racing family. Scott’s Uncle, Robert Mundorf was Jockey of the Year at several tracks throughout the 1960′s. Besides having a jockey in the family, Scott was also surrounded from birth by trainers and starters. “Growing up around relatives who were all about winning to make a living, showed me the type of attitude, desire, and work ethic it takes to get the job done, year-after-year. You want to eat? You better know how to win.” … Read More