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  • Scott’s CBB/NBA/SB Monday (1/26/15)

    MY SUPER BOWL SIDE & TOTAL w/ PROPS POSTED! WE WENT 6-0, 100% in last year’s Super Bowl! Side & total posted right now at the right of this page, with props loaded all week, beginning on Sunday night in the same report!

    We head into Monday off a 6-3, 67% winning college basketball weekend. And we are a smoking-hot, 28-12, 70% in January with my NBA SCOTTWINS personal clients, those who have bought NBA packages at this site! You purchase at scottwins – and YOU GET every single one of those plays. Purchase here at the right of this page or email me at INFO@SCOTTWINS.COM.

    My next free play will be posted on Monday afternoon. Please check back by or before 4 PM EST.

    I have one premium CBB play for Monday available now…shoot me an email or purchase a package on this page.

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Meet Scott Spreitzer

Scott Spreitzer grew up in a horse racing family. Scott’s Uncle, Robert Mundorf was Jockey of the Year at several tracks throughout the 1960′s. Besides having a jockey in the family, Scott was also surrounded from birth by trainers and starters. “Growing up around relatives who were all about winning to make a living, showed me the type of attitude, desire, and work ethic it takes to get the job done, year-after-year. You want to eat? You better know how to win.” … Read More